Some of the waterlines and sanitary sewers along Cleveland Ave. (SR 532) are over 85 years old.  The waterline must be replaced to reduce the number of periodic waterline breaks and prevent an expensive un-planned waterline failure.  While the Village is working in the area, Summit County will be lining the sanitary sewers.  The Village has received funding to help fund the utility work which is scheduled to occur in two phases.

The first phase will be north of Mogadore Road and start at Hungry Howie’s and extend north to the old golf course drive.  The work will require a temporary closure of the north-bound lane of Cleveland Avenue from Mogadore Rd to Idella Street.  Truck traffic will be routed west to Gilchrist Road and then along a detour to a location north of the Village.  Village residents will likely take First Avenue to Idella Street and then access Cleveland Ave. at Idella.  Truck traffic on First and Idella will be prohibited.  Traffic heading south on Cleveland Ave. (into town from Tallmadge) will be maintained.  The detour and work is expected to occur from around October 2 to December 15, 2017.  Access to businesses will be maintained from the southbound lane.

Phase 2 will occur in the spring/summer of 2018.  Phase 2 will start at Mogadore Rd and extend south to the Omnova entrance.  The Phase 2 work will not require a detour, but will be completed with flaggers.

The goal is to get the waterlines replaced and the sanitary sewers lined before an ODOT pavement resurfacing project scheduled for Cleveland Ave. during the second half of 2018.

Please try to be understanding as the Village and the Contractor work to make the project as smooth as possible.  There is no easy way to complete such disruptive work in the middle of the Village.  If you are a resident with children, please keep them away from the construction site to prevent injury from unexpected conditions and/or construction vehicles.

Starting Tuesday (October 17), traffic patterns will change temporarily while the construction is continuing.  There will be some areas designated as no parking on the Idella/First Avenue area and the Northbound lane of North Cleveland will be closed.  Northbound traffic at the light will be detoured west on Mogadore Rd then northwest on Gilchrist.  Both Warner St. and Highland Ave. may be closed at N Cleveland for short periods of time during construction, we encourage effected residents to use Idella to avoid delays.  Currently, Warner St. is closed and will be for several days.  No parking signs on Idella, Highland, and First Ave. are already up and will be enforced starting on Tuesday.  The repairs are scheduled to take about a month to complete.