Letter to Residents

A letter was sent to Mogadore Village Residents this past week regarding our Exclusive Trash Aggregation Program. The letter stated the following:

Hello Mogadore Resident:

Last year, the voters of Mogadore passed a ballot issue that allowed the Mogadore Village Council to provide an Exclusive Trash Aggregation Program for the Village. The residents’ passage of the issue authorizes the Council to enter into a contract with one company to provide solid waste disposal and recycling services for the Village.  Due to this issue being passed by the Village residents, the Council recently entertained bids to hire a company to supply these trash hauling services.  The company with the lowest bid was Kimble Recycling & Disposal.

The new exclusive residential program with Kimble will start on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.  Kimble will provide weekly trash pickup each Tuesday and recycling service every other Tuesday for the Village.  Every home in Mogadore will have the same pickup day of the week.  You should note that around the beginning of March, Kimble will be sending a mailer notifying everyone the particulars of the exclusive program and the rates.  Kimble will be providing trash and recycling carts free of charge for your use.  There will also be a low volume option that does not involve a cart.

The Village will be notifying all other haulers that they cannot pick up any trash or recyclables in the Village after March 31, 2021.  If you already have Kimble, you should note that it appears they will not be picking up trash or recyclables on April 1st.  Kimble has indicated that they will be skipping that day and will return on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.

The Village Council has passed legislation that trash haulers cannot charge a fee for returning your carts to them.  The Council also passed legislation, if you have paid your current haulers in advance for their services, they must issue a refund if you cancel their services.  Thus, if you have paid for services past March 31, 2021, your hauler must refund any monies already paid for services past that date.

We want to repeat that Kimble Recycling & Disposal will be sending all of you information around March 1st regarding rates, program choices, and other relevant information for the Village’s exclusive trash and recycling program.  We also want to note that our exclusive program only includes residential services.  The exclusive program does not include commercial operators, including stores, restaurants, industries, institutions, and multi-family dwellings, such as apartments.

Council & Mayor

Village of Mogadore

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