On this page, you may view legislation that has been passed by Mogadore Village Council in the year 2022. If you would like to view legislation from 2021, please click here. If you would like to view legislation from 2020, please click here.

2022 Legislation
2022-57 Transfers within funds
2022-56 Accepting the amounts and rates as determined by the Budget Commission and authorizing the necessary tax levies and certifying them to the County Fiscal Office
2022-55 Enter into an Agreement with Summit County regarding services of Police Diversion Youth Division for Juveniles
2022-54 Special Assessments
2022-53 Awarding the Bid for Lions Park Pickleball Court Reconstruction Project
2022-51 Repealing Resolution No. 2022-51 Advertise for Bids for labor and materials for Lions Park Pickleball Court
2022-50 Repealing Resolution No. 2022-27
2022-49 Amendment to the Charter (ZBA)
2022-48 Amendment to the Charter
2022-47 Enter into Several Agreement/Leases with NeoNET regarding IT/Technology Services
2022-46 Authorizing the Transfers within Funds
2022-45 Accepting the Bid for the Sunrise East Boulevard, West Avenue, and Pearl Avenue Infrastructure Improvements Project
2022-44 Accepting the Bid for the 2022 Chip and Seal Repairs Project
2022-43 Authorizing the Purchase of a 2021 Chevy Silverado 4500 Medium-Duty Pick-Up Truck for the Service Department
2022-42 To Sell A 1986 Pierce Arrow Fire Engine
2022-41 Amending Codified Ordinance Section 91.02(B) and Banning the use of Consumer Grade Fireworks
2022-40 Resurfacing of Gilchrist Road between the Western Mogadore Corporation Limit and Mogadore Road, including pavement repair, casting adjustments, and pavement markings
2022-39 Apply for and Accept a Grant from the State of Ohio Body Armor Grant Program for Body Armor for the Police Department
2022-38 Apply for and Accept Financial Assistance in the form of a Grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources NatureWorks program to support the installation of new playground equipment in Lions Park
2022-37 Purchase the Mogadore Lions Community Park
2022-36 Amending the Village of Mogadore Council Rules
2022-35 Adopting the Village of Mogadore Special Events Guidebook, Application Form, and Fee Schedule
2022-34 Amending Codified Ordinances, Section 132.13, Titled Safety of Crowds Attending Special Events
2022-33 Amending and Creating Chapters for Special Events
2022-32 Advertise Bids for Labor and Materials Necessary 2022 Chip and Seal Street Repairs
2022-31 Amend Annual Appropriations
2022-30 Authorizing the Mayor to Purchase Real Property
2022-29 Establishing Rental Fees for the Pry Community Center
2022-28 Authorizing the Transfers within Funds
2022-27 Advertise for Bid for Lions Park Pickleball Courts Reconstruction Project
2022-26 Approving and Authorizing Agreement with Summit County to accept the CDBG for Lions Park
2022-25 Advertise for Bid for Infrastructure Improvements
2022-24 Pay Scales (Part-Time Park & Cemetery)
2022-23 Retroactively Establishing Pay Scales (Part-Time Park & Cemetery)
2022-22 Apply for and accept financial assistance in the form of a Grant from the State of Ohio Body-Worn Camera Grant Program
2022-21 To sell unneeded 2013 Ford Taurus for the Police Department (Govdeals)
2022-20 Grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Natureworks Program)
2022-19 Accepting the Dedication of a Portion of Parcel within Dick Street
2022-18 Lions Park - Pickleball Courts
2022-17 The Resurfacing of a Portion of Gilchrist Road
2022-16 Vacating a Certain Portion of the Dick Street Right-of-Way within the Municipal limits of Mogadore
2022-15 Sell unneeded property of the Fire Department on Govdeals.com (Snowplow)
2022-14 Sell unneeded property of the Fire Department on Govdeals.com (Ladder Truck)
2022-13 Contract with Govdeals, Inc. for the Calendar Year 2022
2022-12 Repeals Resolution 2022-11
2022-11 Submitting to the Electorate the question of an Additional 3.5 MIL Tax Levy
2022-10 Retroactively Amending Resolution 2021-66
2022-9 Appointments (Parks & Recreation Board)
2022-8 Appointments (Zoning Board of Appeals)
2022-7 Change Order (Cementech)
2022-6 Pay Increase (Part-Time Mayor's Assistant)
2022-5 Pay Increase (Part-Time Cemetery Sexton)
2022-4 Pay Increase (Part-Time Mayor's Court Magistrate)
2022-3 Pay Increase (Part-Time Zoning Inspector)
2022-2 Appointments (Planning & Zoning Commission)
2022-1 Pay Increase (Part-Time Police Officers)