2021 Legislation
2021-77 Compensation and benefits for Full-Time Employees other than Police Officers
2021-76 Pay Scale and benefits for full-time Police Officers
2021-75 Pay Scale and benefits for the Fire Department
2021-74 Compensation and benefits for the position of Fire Chief
2021-73 Compensation and benefits for the full-time position of Assistant Clerk-Treasurer
2021-72 Authorizing the Transfers within Funds
2021-71 Ohio Public Works Commission State Capital Improvement Program(s)
2021-70 Contract with the Summit County Public Defender's Office for 2022
2021-69 Adopting the Annual Appropriations for the Fiscal Year ending December 31, 2022
2021-68 Accounting Service Agreement with Varney, Fink & Associates, Inc.
2021-67 OPBA 2021-2023 Contract
2021-66 Tax Levy for the Fire Department at the tax rate of 3.5MIL with Summit County Auditor
2021-65 Tax Levy for the Fire Department at the tax rate of 3.5MIL with Portage County Auditor
2021-64 Police Auxiliary Program
2021-63 Tax Increment Financing ("TIF") Incentive District
2021-62 Execution of a Development Agreement between the Village and Testa Mogadore, LLC
2021-61 Economic Development Plan for the North Cleveland Avenue Incentive District
2021-60 Amend Annual Appropriations
2021-59 Grant (S.A.F.E.R.) Staffing for Adequate Fire and EMS
2021-58 Authorizing Transfers
2021-57 Vacating Herbert Street
2021-56 Utility Easement
2021-55 Tax Budget
2021-54 Amend Annual Appropriations
2021-53 Sell Unneeded Personal Property
2021-52 Paying Change Order Expenses (Sunrise Project)
2021-51 Authorizing Purchase (2022 Ford Explorer Police Cruiser)
2021-50 Authorizing Transfers
2021-49 Selling Unneeded Personal Property (2011 Crown Victoria Police Cruiser)
2021-48 Agreement (Summit County-Police/Youth Division)
2021-47 Special Assessments
2021-46 Pay Raise (PD Administrative Assistant/Mayor's Court Clerk)
2021-45 Accept Terms (National Opioid Settlement Agreement)
2021-44 Establish Fund (Herbert/Fenton Project)
2021-43 Authorizing Transfers
2021-42 Amend Annual Appropriations
2021-41 Parking Lot Lease Agreement (Uncle Tito's Mexican Grill)
2021-40 Lease Agreement (Adorni's Service Center)
2021-39 Pay Raise (PD Administrative Assistant/Mayor's Court Clerk)
2021-38 Authorize Purchase of 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe (Fire Command Vehicle)
2021-37 Accept Bid (Herbert/Fenton Project)
2021-36 Opposing Ohio Senate Omnibus Budget Amendment (Broadband Services)
2021-35 Authorize Purchase of Monitor/Defibrillators
2021-34 Change Order (Beck Electric)
2021-33 MFD (Create Part-Time Firefighter and EMT Position)
2021-32 Prosecutorial Services (City of Akron)
2021-31 Agreement (NEONET)
2021-30 Amend Annual Appropriations
2021-29 Rate of Compensation (Council President/Council Members)
2021-28 Rate of Compensation (Mayor)
2021-27 Resurfacing Mogadore/Randolph Road
2021-26 Advertise for Bids (Herbert/Fenton Project)
2021-25 Adopt Updated EMS Fee Chart
2021-24 Establish Coronavirus Aid Fiscal Recovery Fund
2021-23 Amend Annual Appropriations
2021-22 Authorizing Transfers
2021-20 Change Order (Beck Electric)
2021-19 Change Order (Beck Electric)
2021-18 Repeal Ordinance 2020-100
2021-17 ODOT
2021-16 Electricity Aggregation (Energy Harbor)
2021-15 Memorandum
2021-14 Amend
2021-13 Amend
2021-12 Repeal Ordinance (Crown Victoria)
2021-11 Sell Unneeded Property (1993 International Dump Truck)
2021-10 Sell Unneeded Property (GovDeals Inc)
2021-9 Authorizing Transfers
2021-8 Annual Appropriations
2021-7 Ordinance (Improper Billing-Trash Haulers)
2021-6 Lampion Companies LLC
2021-5 Agreement (Summit County-Storm Water)
2021-4 Agreement (Mutal Aid-Service Dept.)
2021-3 Appointments (Planning and Zoning)
2021-2 Appointments (Parks and Rec)
2021-1 Pay Scale (Fire Officers and Firefighters)